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Jul 06, 2019 21:08:09

Be you, the world will adjust

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Jason Leow

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We're often told that we have to adapt and adjust to an ever-changing world. Change is the only constant. Self growth and evolution is key to survival. The law of the jungle is the fittest and strongest survive.

But a random chance encounter with these words "Be you, the world will adjust", made me think differently about it.

Because...... why not? We shape our reality by our own strength, as much as reality shapes us back. Nurture versus nature, isn't it?

More importantly, these chance words felt like it was meant for me. I'm always trying to avoid conflict, be fluid and flexible to people and situations, and moderate my responses around things, not against them. 

And it's getting exhausting.

Because I have my own perspective, which often gets drowned out when I lean too much towards  flexibility. I might have words I want to say, my own interests that I want to speak out for, but I don't. I bend over backwards to suit people and situations, rather than try to bend them to my will.

It's also kind of frustrating. 

Because it reeks of inauthenticity. A lack of integrity. Truth, untold. Because, if I don't be true, I might never know if people mind at all. Most of the time so far, people don't mind when you speak your truth. Most of the time, people are reasonable. And when offered this new constraint that you gave, they account for it, work around it, adapt and adjust. And there, the world adjusted, when you be you.  

So......this is what I'm gonna say from now on: 

I'm choosing to be me now. The world will adjust. 

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