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Sep 29, 2019 23:53:11

Beauty Lottery 

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Why do I not see my old friends anymore? Moriah included? Same reason why nobody should ever win the lottery. 

Wealth is more than just about money. There is a lifestyle and perspective inherent in it, and when a person who knows nothing of such or has never traveled a path leading to wealth is randomly handed a bunch of money, it never works out well.

For a regular person, money seems to be the only thing standing in their way to the life they want. So it's reasonable for them to assume that the person in their life who has just obtained millions will now have their life set. Thus it's reasonable for them to ask for a bit of it so that they can maybe live their own better life. These attitudes are reasonable. Reasonable but suboptimal.

I'm not wealthy. But I happened to be a girl and beautiful. So to all my friends I had won the lottery. And to them I had a perfect life. Their attitudes I tolerated at first, not because I was a strong person or because I was humble, but because it made me feel good in the short run. They thought I was better than them because I was pretty. And I didn't believe them or agree with them, but I knew they still did, so for awhile it was good enough until it wasn't. 

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