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May 15, 2019 21:39:03


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Victoria Maung

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During college, I have always felt quietly alienated because I was experiencing the upper limits of scholastic achievement. My first-generation Asian-American blue-collar parents simply expected a progress report marked disproportionately with A's, so I never fostered any sort of intrinsic motivation that would help me to navigate academia with a particular passion. Compared to my peers, who felt strongly determined to forge towards their goals of becoming lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, or even musicians, I felt listless.

However, I failed to realize that, in between my Buddhism, environmental law, and policy courses, I have always been cultivating myself as a socially responsible visual communicator, for which articulation is a preliminary step. I studied human science as a major because of its role as a universal language. I'm especially intrigued by the way we learn complex information through visual language. Through my diverse course load, I've taken advantage of the opportunity to write about a variety of topics, and I've heavily applied the practice of articulation into visual language. This culminated in my senior thesis project of creating interactive 3D models to learn anatomy, which was the beginning of my exploration into "How do we perceive, translate, and integrate digital information into knowledge?" I've always been designing marketing materials for the annual figure skating benefit show, banners for Tappin' Jacks, brochures for the Sustainable Oceans Alliance, culminating in my award-winning student restaurant logo design. [...]

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