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Sep 22, 2019 23:52:21

Behind the silly decision

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I've made the wrong decision three years ago. Everyone could tell it's unreasonable. During the past three years, I have been laughed and questioned for that silly choice. Whenever my parents, my bf, or my classmates mentioned it with a look of "are you freaking mental?", I still couldn't explain.

I've totally screwed up my first independent decision, and it's time for a second. How could I make sure there would be a right one this time?

"Now tell me what were you thinking three years ago," my bf asked seriously an hour ago, "you have never told the whole story peacefully."

"Because I'm mad at myself, too. Everyone criticizes me for being silly since it's obvious for them but not for me. I just made a choice that I thought my life would be easy for success."

"Then how did you find it's not leading to an easy life?"

"In fact, my judgment is right. I regretted not because of the wrong expectation of benefits, but the way of getting them."

"What's your previous expectation?"

"I thought I would receive further education to become an outstanding researcher with many priorities of opportunities. But the truth is there are only no-creativity-but-copy assignments. That sucks."

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