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Nov 30, 2018 23:35:37

Being Bored Is OK

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Keenen Charles

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It's a lot harder to be bored today. 

In the palm of your hands is an endless stream of content waiting to be discovered. There are new photos of your friends on Instagram. That YouTube channel you love has a new video. Something crazy is happening in politics. Your favourite artist just released a new single. That celeb just tweeted. Elon Musk is doing…something. Your friend just texted. That article looks good. Funny video. Are there more like it? Your friend just texted again. "☝ See New Tweets". Netflix just released a new season of your favourite show. Fuck. It's 10 pm.

There's always something to do to fill the empty spaces. But I feel like something's lost without them. Those quiet moments alone with my thoughts can be my most creative. Without them I find myself consuming a lot of new stuff without ever processing it.

But I also want to keep up with the zeitgeist and understand every bit of internet culture I come across. There's so much to digest I feel like any moment spent not consuming something is a moment wasted. If I'm working on something, I might as well listen to a podcast in the background. If I'm watching some show, I might as well scroll through Twitter.

It's a hard habit to break and I think to successfully do so I need to acknowledge that I can never be caught up on everything. There's no Inbox Zero for the Internet, even your own personal slice of it.

It's okay to have some empty moments.

It's okay to be bored.


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