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Apr 04, 2019 08:45:26

Besides failed habits

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I wrote before about the habits I failed to achieve in March: the first and last thing of the day -- getting up at 6 AM and solving a daily problem. I wrote about the two significant failures and I thought I finished my duty as self-reflection.  Today waking up and checking others' posts reminded of me that I didn't achieve what I want to do, I succeeded in another way because the thing I first and last to do is the survivors of the failures.

Listening to a book for around 10 minutes (now the book is 1984) and swiping the floor is the things I do every day at the beginning and end of the day. I should admit that the two are the "side effects" of my real purposes. 

#1 Listening to the book for around 10 minutes is the alarm I set to not back to sleep again when I wake up at 6 AM but still lay on the bed. I always thought ten minutes more sleeping, I would get up when the audio end, the fact is I back up sleep again but I am used to listening to the book at the begging of the morning and think of the content I hear at the rest of the day. It's quite great,  maybe didn't do less than getting up at 6 AM ( I get up one hour and fifteen minutes later actually), which means I have a short but thoughtful conversation between the writer and me nurturing me continuously.

#2 Swiping the floor before I go to bed becomes the way I "meditate" to finish all day work. I thought solving a coding problem is the best to mind, but it's kind of unrealistic for I am tired at night and my mind is not so activated to conquer the puzzle. What I really need is a relaxed and neat ending to tell me I deserve to have a good rest. I lived in schools' apartment and it's normal for most students no swiping floor for the whole semester. I have to do it once a week to keep my place clean and neat. Now I do it every day with joy. Swiping away the dust like refreshing my mind to tell me it's renewed today and ready to embrace new challenges. As a result, I go to bed with self-agreement.

In conclusion, it's okay I failed in some way when I achieved at somewhere else meanwhile.

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