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May 11, 2019 07:01:46

Big kid is back

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Finally, two weeks is over; the big kid was sent over to his grandpa place two weeks ago, which is like 10-minute drive away. Mainly because HFMD has infected the little kid, we keep the big kid away to avoid him getting infected as well.

So the past two weeks what we do is sometime I send the big kid to school in the morning, and during the evening I will stay home and take care of the little kid, my wife will go over my dad's place for dinner and accompany the big kids for 1~2 hours. We will have a short video call after dinners.

So far the big kid pretty understands, he did nag about wishes to come home and miss his brother, but he never really insist on it, we did explain the whole situation to him, and he understands we doing this to protect him.

For myself the past two weeks is very different, I manage to try out skip the dinner to fasting in the night, and I have more time to rush my work. I told my wife is a just like back to the time when we only have the big the kid. One kid is pretty manageable when you getting the second kid is not one plus one; the amount of things you need to do is like become two multiply two.

Anyway, I m glad the big kid is back, I do miss him although it means I got less time to do my things but like what my big kid like to say "We are family, we need to stick together".

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    @knight I like to read about your kids because you are kind of my ideal parents. Separation with my sisters, brother and parents are the common conditions for me when I was little. No one insists, "We are family, we need to stick together." Until now keeping in touch with each other is not necessary for my family though chat app is so convenient.
    So I enjoy reading articles about family for years to know about the normal and lovely family experience.

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | May 11, 2019 11:43:45
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      @5plus6 thanks, I still learning as a newbie parent and for sure we are not perfect, but one thing that I really learn from my parent is the family bound is really important

      Knight avatar Knight | May 12, 2019 08:23:28
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