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Oct 13, 2019 14:33:07

Blogging from the Grave / 1

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Daniel Miller

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Jonathon took his first sip of coffee and placed it on the desk next to his computer. He was so tired, still, that he briefly took off his glasses and vigorously rubbed his face in an attempt to divert blood to the general vicinity of his brain and eyes. It had been months since he'd opened his rusty old RSS reader. It was mostly dead technology, but a few almost-dead people like himself still occasionally showed up there. Given his brain hadn't caught up to the rest of his body yet, he decided to see what might be there. Unimportant reading for his only semi-functional mental space.

As soon as he glanced at the list of unread posts he was awake. It was almost as if he could feel his glands squeeze the wake up hormones into his bloodstream. The title of the post was typical: "Hey, I'm back." But the source of the post was what stirred Jonathon so. "Jay's Musings." 

Jay had died a year earlier.

He clicked.

Don't come here. Do whatever you can to never come here. It's weird. It's really fucking weird.

Jonathon's shock turned into a quickly rising anger. Who was this person messing with Jay's old blog? He clicked through. The archives were all gone. Only this one post existed. There were almost no styles applied, just black text on a white background.

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