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May 15, 2019 08:20:38

Book Review - The 5AM Club 📕

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Robin Sharma is the author of several personal development books, including his latest work, The 5AM Club. His writing style embodies that of a fable, which to some might be a refreshing change from your typical non-fiction books. To others, it may be a huge disappointment, for this approach allows the author to sneak in technical facts without requiring any scientific reference or theory. I get both sides but am not sure where I stand on the matter just yet ... Likely somewhere in the middle.

I will say though, that for a first time reader of Sharma's work I was impressed with the detail he went into. In a lot of ways it makes sense to rise early. He kind of drills home the importance of hard work, determination and grit when it comes to success. If you're able to do what 95% of the population are not willing to then you've instantly created an advantage.

The premise is that we should all work to regain control of our destinies through the practice of waking up early. One must use the early hours for self reflection, exercise, planning and deep work on our passion projects.

Yes, I agree and yes this sounds like a good idea. But here's where things start to get a little nuts:

The book unfolds nicely through the first half to two-thirds but then it instantly rushes to jam-pack your brain full of crazy concepts, protocols and routines making is super difficult to keep up. Each chapter is hidden with so many pieces of information, quotes and hidden meanings which makes it very overwhelming if you don't keep track. In the end, you're left to pick up the pieces and make what you will from the information.

And yes, it's one of those books where not all the information is fleshed out so that the author can go on to enroll you in their website, make you download their app and be drip fed more information about the 5AM protocol.

Overall this was a compelling read and it definitely has made me rethink my morning routine. I can see the benefits but what I don't like is how over-the-top this book gets near the end. Furthermore I highly doubt that this protocol is for everyone. Some people need 10+ hours of sleep a night. Others are night owls. Some might be mothers or fathers who need every hour of sleep they can get. There's not flexibility in this book. It's the 5AM Club way or the highway.

So overall, yes, it is still an interesting read and I will take pieces from it ... that I can remember. But, again, no, I hate these kinds of books that purposely leave you hanging so that you have to now "join the club" only to be funneled through a marketing campaign to capture more of your money.


Maybe I'm being too harsh? I don't know, but if you've read the book then I'd definitely love to hear your thoughts!

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    @jacklyons Thanks for sharing your take on this book. I heard an interview with the author on Impact Theory, and I was considering getting it. After reading your review, I have decided to put it on hold. I believe a book should be a complete work, not a precursor to buying some other program. I also don't have time for fables. Just get to the goods. Thanks for sharing!

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 15, 2019 08:05:28
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