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-- Two hundred dollars for what!?

-- Two seventy actually.

-- Two hundred sevemty bucks for what headphones??

-- Noise cancellation. Complicated technology. Bose.

-- Gee. You don't even listen to music! Kids these days. And the things you spend your money on.

-- This ia what's wrong with the country right?

-- You said it not me. But dang straight.

After about four cups of coffee each, i thanked Clancy for lunch and said lets keep in touch.

He offered me a ride but i said i could use a walk. Once i got outside I put in my Bose headphones and turned on the noise cancellation.

Walking around Westcity has totally changed since i invested into these 270 dollars headphones. It feels like i am now walking in my own space. Cars driving by dont bother me so much. And even the weather feels nicer.less hot. I dont know how.

And it was then after that lunch i was walking bome... no where was i walking? Does it even matter? No it doesnt.

But i do remember exactly where i was, because i remember looking at a chalkboard that a cafe was using to advertise their drink special. And that was when it happened. A voice came through the head phone. And seeing that i only used these headphones for noise cancellation rather than music i was startled.

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