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Oct 28, 2019 22:11:51

Breaking my own rule on meeting celebrities

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I think meeting celebrities just for the sake of meeting them is a waste of time. If I ever want to meet with stars, I hope it's through a project that we are working on. 

That's my view on it.

I came to this conclusion when I had the opportunity to meet with a couple of Youtube stars about five years ago. It happened unintentionally, and I was awestruck for sure. That was about it. 

Will the celebrity ever remember me again? Most likely not.

Will we be friends? Hell no.

Does meeting a celebrity mean something? Not really. Yeah, I will tell my friends about it, but what purpose does it have?

The best way to show support to them is to engage with their content.

Artists - listen to their music, see their art, go to their concerts, buy their merch

The movie starts- watch their films, talk about it on social media

Industry expert- learn from what they have to say, offer your views

With that said, I now have tickets to go to a Kpop concert and meet the artists before the show. This happened because of the type of seats/tickets that my friend and I wanted to get. I have no idea what to ask or say to them. It probably won't matter as well. I shall see if my opinion changes or not.


The interaction was a little bit anti-climatic. While we got the chance to meet with the idol, we didn't get to talk to them. It legit took about 30 seconds to get signatures of the four idols from the Kpop group. They tried to say hi and look at your face, but that was the end.

It felt great to see them and say hi up close, but would I do it again? No, and it's not worth the time and money effort that goes into it. I go back to my original opinion on when I do want to meet the celebrities, it has to be part of a project that I am working on, and it should be a collaboration with mutual interest.

With that mindset, I probably won't get to meet with celebrities, but I think I am ok with that. I would rather spend that time to develop deeper relationships with my friends instead.

The one thing I did learn from observing other people in the crowd was how much the idols meant to them. There were people crying while talking to the idols and some others were speechless and look like they had a blast.

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