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Jul 05, 2019 21:43:54

Brighton Ruby Day

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Craig Petterson

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I’m typing this on my phone. Low battery. A little deflated. It’s been a long day, but it has been brilliant.

I woke up super early to go for a short (planned) run with a colleague. We headed towards the seafront, a lovely blue view.

After showering, we headed down for a breakfast. A  full English from the hotel restaurant. I managed to smuggle out some croissants with my juice.

The team headed towards Brighton Dome in two separate taxis. While we were waiting, I saw Aaron Patterson of GitHub game. Pure fan girl moment for me. What a legend.

There were some amazing talks today, particularly from sroopsunar and valeriecodes. There was a total of 12 talks, maybe I'll summarise tomorrow after I've had time to catch up on some rest. It's been a long day!

Outside the talks, we were encouraged to mingle with the other attendees. I'm AWFUL at social situations. I'm fine having a conversation, but I have no idea how to initiate. I'm the awkward creepy lurker - please talk to me (quiet sobbing) #cringe.

We ended up having to leave slightly early than planned. We only had the hotel booked for the night before. We had a bit of a nightmare on the way home. We missed our train from Brighton to London Victoria. We had 15 minutes until our train from London Euston back home, so we popped into a take out food place. I wasn't going to eat, but we had time. A colleague ordered and food was ready in 2 minutes. I ordered and we waited... and waited... I was going to ditch the food, but it seemed like we had already missed the train, so I waited longer. 

Then we headed down to the platform and the conductors stopped us getting on the train. So we missed our connection and had to wait an hour for the next train home. At least we could chill out and take our time with the food, but we just wanted to get home.

To make things worse. When I got to our destination, I still needed to get another train back. It was the last train on a Friday night - I had forgotten about this. Then, my phone was dead, so I couldn't ring my partner to pick me up or get a taxi. I had another 20 minutes walk home to do.

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