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Jun 24, 2019 18:17:48

Bryan Adams

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Well, if you follow me, you probably know that I was at a Bryan Adams concert yesterday.

First, if you are interested in a few pictures, this way.

It was an absolute blast to see this guy live for the first time. Of course it had to rain and of course, it was open air. We stood ankle-high in mud and were wet through and through, even though we wore raincoats.

The setlist was a blast and so was the band and Bryan himself. He didn't talk much between the music pieces, but it was great to experience such a large musician in such a small venue.

The "Burg Clam" (translates into the "Castel Clam") has a capacity of about ten thousand people, I have heard. Maybe all ten were there, I am not sure and I am pretty bad at such question of estimation.

Anyway, my best friend and I didn't drive back home after the concert, as it was about two and a half hour drive, we instead slept in a small inn nearby.

It was a really small and family own inn and the people there were really nice, the innkeeper himself was also at the concert, so he organized a taxi to and from the venue.

The night wasn't that expensive and I think I've got a new place which I want to visit again. Maybe on the next open air concert.

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