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Jun 24, 2019 23:27:22


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It's close to 50 degrees Celsius here, which means all the insects in Kuwait have come out looking for a cooler place to find respite in. For some, that's been our apartment, thanks to whoever left the balcony door open. 

Sometime last week, we were welcomed home by the loudest of chirrups. Crickets stridulating in the privacy of their homes in hedges may seem romantic and soul-soothing when you're taking a moonlit walk in your garden, but when the sounds of urgent mating calls are coming from somewhere in your living room, it quickly kills the romantic association you had with the sound. 

Especially when you see the BIG-ASS GIANT MOTHERCHUCKING BUG responsible for the ear-splitting midnight orchestra prancing about IN YOUR ROOM right after you wake up(!!!!). I grabbed a cheap book I didn't care about from the bedside and sacrificed it. I cleaned the book with a Clorox wipe after the body had been removed (like I was going anywhere near that thing) and put it on the shelf where I could see it. 

That was a couple of days ago, and I still examine the floors carefully everytime I moving around the house. 

Just a few seconds before I started typing this post, I shut the door and noticed a spider ambling about on the floor previously concealed by the open door. Where tf did it come from? Why was I getting so many visitors in my room?! I grabbed the same book and dropped it on the spider. I guess this is the book's newfound purpose. Or at least the purpose I found for the book.

Hopefully it won't have to fulfill it again and my room will go back to being a sanctuary for me, rather than these disgusting critters. 

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