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Apr 29, 2019 07:20:41

Build WordPress Plugin - Why

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I have been dealing with WordPress for many many years, I start using it when it just forks from b2 and in fact, 70% of my freelance career I m dealing with WordPress. I wrote some WordPress plugins a long time ago; I think there is no official channel release plugin during that time. I build and release on my blog.

I have been building lots of small plugin for my freelance use, but never think of release through WordPress Plugins.

There are two major blockers to me; I'm lazy to follow up all changes when you release plugins officially, you need to follow all the changes and keep updating, the other things is I don't think I m a good developer, I scare that people might laugh at my code. I think of selling through Code Canyon before when it first accept WordPress plugin but giving up for the same reasons, lazy + lack of confidence.

After going through my options this year, to focus on building products or side projects, I need more passive income then wait for freelance work every month. Although I think of giving up on doing WordPress before, it brings me bread and butter all these years, I' m familiar with it and the market is there. Every year you can see some unique ideas pop in the WordPress market and times for land grab start again.

What I see is Elementor is going active in the market, although WordPress release the Gutenberg editor might seem like competitive to it, I believe it might bring more positive effect to the market.

My focus will be building some API integration with Elementor & Gutenberg this year, build up some plugins to generate passive income.

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    @knight I just signed up to use Elementor to build a website. I hope it is closer to my dream of a true WYSWYG website creation tool.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Apr 29, 2019 08:03:41
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      @brandonwilson in a way I think it seems like one of the best in WordPress market and they have some good market strategy, with the free core plugin, it makes lots of builders to do the land grab and build things for it. you can find lots of useful widgets extend on it.

      Knight avatar Knight | Apr 30, 2019 06:39:05
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