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Feb 08, 2019 17:57:13

Busy day

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Gene Lim

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Today's activity is so packed that there is no time in between for a little rest with the exceptional of having time for breakfast.

Woke up early in the morning to send my wife to work. Bought McDonalds for breakfast on the way back home for me and my son. After eating, I opened my computer and started working.

I have been working on compressing videos and uploading them to the website I am working on. It is easy to do that but it consumes time a lot. As in, there are about 50 lessons per level in flash format. I will have to convert them to video format, trim unwanted areas and then compress it before uploading to the website. It will take estimately around 5 to 15 minutes per lessons and there is total of 6 levels. So you can already guess how much time it would take to finish them all.

After work, there is an event at my dad's house. It is his house warming day, so many are invited to celebrate with him. We had buffet prepared by caterers. There is also karaoke, random talks, drinking and playing black jack card game. Well indirectly this evening can be considered as my time out from work. 

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