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Jan 07, 2019 02:54:30

But She Couldn't Impress Him the way She Usually Impressed

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She invited him over to her house to thank him for the help he had given her. He hadn't treated her like other men usually did. Not to say that he hadn't been checking her out or wasn't attracted to her, because by the way he had acted the day before she could tell that he was indeed attracted to her.

But it was a different type of attraction. She was not wanted by him out of pure lust and pure self consciousness. It was not like he wanted her because of hormones and the desire to share the fact that he had had her to the rest of his world. In his eyes, the way he looked at her, the way he had spoken to her, it was clear that he was simply attracted to her for her.

This was refreshing to her. She didn't think it was possible. Not that she had spent her time, her existence, pondering such possibilities. She mostly kept her mind on her business. And that's why she had become so wealthy. 

But when he came over, she couldn't impress him the way she usually impressed. She had an extensive wine collection. But to her dismay, he didn't drink. He simply asked for water. The food also seemed to go past him. He didn't know the level of care and quality of ingredients that had been served to him on his plate. He came from a working class background and had an unrefined taste.

This angered her at the moment. But after he had left, when she was thinking alone while staring at the moon that night, she had resolved to impress him the way he might be impressed. If it wasn't wine or fine dining she would find a way. But what would he be impressed by? She knew nothing about him. Yet she was so attracted to him. 

She had asked if he'd like to go out to a picnic sometime the next week. He said that would be good. In planning for the picnic, she tasked her top assistant Anthony with procuring the best water money could buy. Better than Fiji or San P. A water that that character from that Murkami novel would be impressed by. Yes. She'd start with the basics. Water.

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    A quick trip to Victoria's Secret would solve her problem :)

    Nice writing style, BTW!

    Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Jan 07, 2019 16:24:15
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