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Aug 07, 2019 16:31:24

But you know. I'd rather be annoyed by people than missing them | A Summer Near Westcity - v3 - 4

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Pizza and beer. This was my first meal, actual meal in ages. For the past month, I'd only eaten enough to get by. Crackers. Peanut butter straight out the jar. Sometimes peanut butter rubbed on a banana. I looked like a mess. 

Still, Jackie made an unexpected comment. When I sat across from him he mentioned how I looked like a model. It must've been because I had a bulky hoodie on, so he couldn't see how thin I was. 


"Your face. It looks... like chiseled."

"Hm. I have lost some weight."

"Ah that's what it is. I need to lose some."

We ate a whole pizza the two of us. No leftovers. He looked at me in amazement. He wondered out loud where does all that go? 

"I don't usually eat like this," I said. "I just haven't eaten much the past two days."

I decided not to mention my past month's lifestyle. 

"Well, don't let me infringe. Eat up, man. I get the employee discount here and that applies to drinks too, so let's get real trashed."

"But I didn't know you worked here?"

"I don't. I used to awhile back, but the manager and I get along real well. So as long as he's working, he still gives me the deal. Anyways, that's why I suggested we come here. Plus... cheap pizza and cheap beer... what more could you want?"

After the pizza, breadsticks, and about four tall glasses of IPAs each, we left and took a walk. While stretching his arms out and rotating his hips Jackie suggested we pick up some beer. So we went and got a 30 pack of Busch Light that we carried to Jackie's house. 

"Usually there's three other guys living here, but they're all gone for the summer. Really sucks not having everyone around, although during the school year I kind of enjoy the odd weekend I get the house to myself. But you know. I'd rather be annoyed by people than missing them."

He cracked open a Busch Light and handed it to me. Then he cracked open another for himself.

"Cheers." he said. And we tapped our aluminum cans together.

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