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Jan 22, 2019 16:45:14

Bye Bye Github Team

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After closing my business and solo again last year, one of the services I still keep is Github Team plan. There are a few reasons why I keep it:

  • We have 70 plus private repositories, it going to take some time to migrate it all these repositories.
  • Give my partner some time to back up some of his hard work.
  • I was hoping maybe there is some miracle, we might be able to put the company back again.

After a few months over, my partner found a job and I m doing ok one person, it seems like the Github team become an extra expense. We spend $25 per month for nothing other than the private repository feature, so in order to save money, migrate over a personal paid account that cost $9 should be the correct move.

The final push is Microsoft releases private repository feature for the personal account for free. So I contacted my ex-partner and wait for him to clone his own work and migrate the rest back to my personal account.

It brings lots of memory when I going through all those repo one by one.

We have around 4 repo on an e-commerce project that original plan to do headless e-commerce style using nuxt + ecwid, but the client MIA for 8 months and coming back when the company run solo by me. So rebuild it again under Woocommerce in a week.

2 Repo on a Portal that the founders are split after some fight, the founder who get that Portal right doesn't trust me and hire someone took over the whole project from me, I m the one build the whole thing from scratch.

There are around 5 Repo on different product prototype, which been shoot down by myself.

One WordPress repo that build an MVP to help a funded startup to get more investment.

I guess Github is considered a memory treasure for a developer.

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