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Mar 15, 2019 21:45:58

Can you explain what is AI?

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Today I saw the article with the title "can you explain what is AI?" Based on the tips I wrote yesterday, I tried to come up with the answer first and then check the content against my guess. The article was not that technical and seems to be meant for non-technical people so I estimated the article conclude using a machine learning. But in my opinion, it has been a question for me what makes us feel "intelligent" since I studied machine learning. 

Hundreds years ago, there was no steam and electricity. I assume someone who saw first time the following devices: 

  • a telephone that trasmitting the distant voice thought this was a intelligent machine. 
  • a toaster was a intelligent machine since it automatically pushes out a toast when it is done. 

Then decades ago, what happens is:

  • excel is a intelligent software that automatically compute what we did manually in a matrix sheet.
  • Face recognition in a smart phone app is a intelligent app to detect our face very quickly and efficiently.
  • Amazon echo / google home is a intelligent machine who speaks our language,  communicates with us, and takes some important actions including some financial transactions.  

In my understanding, how much people feel intelligent is up to the relativity. In other words, based on where you are, what condition you have (what is the common sense), and what you know, if what you see is beyond what you can expect and you need the time to figure it out what is going on behind the scene, people tend to think "oh intelligent!"

This can be applied to not only machine or software, but also human. If one belive he or she is incrediblly intelligent or genius from the bottom of the heart, not flatter, then one cannot understand how intelligent people deal with some process or how to get such a skill. 

Back to the contents of the article, the article described the strong AI, which is generic android type of machine and capable of many different tasks and week AI, which is focused on specific task and trained in a certain way, and concluded what AI means is up to your (readers') objective. In a sense, this is what I thought and different from what I expected. 


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