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Jan 13, 2019 19:12:12

Categorising daily goals

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Janne Koponen

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After thinking for a while about it, I have decided to once again modify a bit my daily goal tracking mechanism. I hope this will resolve some of the issues I have noticed after the latest revision of my system.

Instead of just having one list of items I want to do on a daily basis as a pool of potential tasks to reach the daily item completion goal I have now divided my current goals into four different categories plus two additional items that are special or didn't fit into any other category at this point.

From now on, in addition to still trying to reach the daily completion count, I aim to complete at least one item in each of the four categories. This way I can ensure I won't be focusing on some aspects and completely disregarding the others. Or even if I do at some days I need to make sure those other categories get at least a bit of attention.

I know this change came quite fast after the previous one. I didn't give it too much time to settle in. But this is one detail that I saw could skew my days and I wanted to act on it as soon as possible. And in the end, it doesn't affect the previous way too much, just adds a bit of a constraint on it, hopefully diversifying my daily doings.

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