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Aug 25, 2019 22:51:18

Charting The Landscape

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A successful marketing campaign is going to be crucial for me to figure out if my business idea actually has any chances of customers ever paying for the service or product in question.

Having realized this, I began reading Robert Fitzpatrick's book "The Mom Test", which is a great resource for learning best marketing practices for  SaaS business, and written by someone with a track record of experience.

From the book, and doing some initial research on what other people (whom have been through the same path I'm on) have done, I've found a couple of useful tidbits that have helped give me an idea of how my marketing plan is going to look like.

In particular, I read the story of Disha Sihdam from a company called "Savy".  During an interview she did recently she describes how she approached marketing in the early days of her business.  Her story helped me recognize one crucial truth:  Small local retailing business owners get inundated with emails on a daily basis.  So it is useless to take the approach of sending cold emails and wait for a response.  A more pro-active approach is needed.  

Disha recommends finding these businesses in social media and starting an ad-hoc chat through direct message.  Granted that the messaging used to approach the conversation is going to be key, I think this is a great idea since it is conducive to being able to get the answers I'm looking for faster and without the need to make it awkward by scheduling a phone call and such.

So the next steps are as follows:

*  Create a draft of my three "Big Questions" I need to have answered from my conversation with potential customers.

*  Come up with a list of at least five potential customers and links to their social media accounts

*  Reach out to each of these persons with the intention of engaging in a conversation about their pain points.

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