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May 01, 2019 20:40:40

Circadian digression

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Janne Koponen

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No matter how late I stay up I usually get up rather early at the regular time. At max, I can usually sleep a couple of hours longer. And it doesn't affect my rhythm that much. After a day or two, I'm back to the normal rhythm.

But if I need to wake up earlier it all goes wrong. Waking up early means I get tired earlier as well and need to go to sleep sooner. And I just can't sleep more than around eight hours a night. So it's gonna be another early morning all again. Rinse and repeat. It seems its a lot harder to turn the rhythm back this way.

I really don't know should I just go to sleep now, or try to stay up a while longer to get my cycle back to normal. Or maybe it's good idea to enjoy the fresh mornings for a while. I know during the weekend there will be chances to stay up longer, so that should take care of it. Unless I become too tired already early on and can't enjoy the evening.  I'd rather stay up with others then than try to be quiet in the morning not to wake others up before they feel comfortable.

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