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Mar 22, 2019 23:18:47

Claude Parent’s Manifesto

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Twelve Subversive Acts to Dodge the System
1. Open the Imaginary
2. Operate in Illusion
3. Dislodge the Immobile
4. Think Continuity
5. Surf on the Surface
6. Live in Obliqueness
7. Destabilize
8. Use the Fall
9. Fracture
10. Practice Inversion
11. Orchestrate Conflict
12. Limit Without Closing 

-- Claude Parent’s Manifesto, via Caterina Fake's blog. (Claude Parent (1923-2016), "French architect and utopian thinker")

What could these mean?! They're all so...just...great! So full of potential, of possibility, of portent. I'm going to think about it for another 125 words.

Open the Imaginary...like a present! A present like a magic bag, in which can be held infinite and impossible things.

Operate in Illusion...like an acid VR experience, maybe? You're tripping but you have to do things while so.

Dislodge the Immobile! This one speaks for itself.

Think Continuity. This one also speaks for itself, but I also feel like it's somehow at odds with the prior commandment. It causes me a little cognitive dissonance.

Surf on the Surface. It's ok to stay on the surface level. You can see really far from there.

Live in Obliqueness. I have long been a fan of thinking obliquely. How does one live in obliqueness, though?

Destabilize. Ooo!

Use the Fall. Yes! Learn, change, heal, grow, see things from the floor.

Fracture. Practice kintsugi.

Practice Inversion. I like this one. I like to turn intangible things inside-out. 

Orchestrate ConflictLooks around, worried...I seriously hate conflict. This is a good one for me to think on.

Limit Without Closing. Don't let them in, but leave the door cracked. You never know.

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