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May 15, 2019 07:03:11

Clients from hell changed

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I wonder my client read it here after I wrote that post and went for a review meeting with the clients yesterday. The situation is now 180-degree change. I still can't believe what happen.

First, the clients say they going extend timeline until they have all the content ready, this is obvious last week when their content is not prepared but keep wants to push the site live.

Second, they going to come out with some layout design change, although they have signed off the mockup, this should be a no-no request, but instead keep give the ideas and get us to build then shut us down, this will be more effective, let us see what you really want, and we made it.

Third, instead of keep rush us to get it done like last week, they ask us to pause for now until they get everything sorted. Just need to focus on the colour matching engine. This should be the way, if you still can't decide, sort out internally and give your external contractor your final decision. You don't get your external contractor involved if your internal discussion hasn't sorted out, this avoids a different group of people giving different instruction and some instruction against each other.

Anyway, finally, I can take a short break from this project and focus on some other projects. I don't like to busy for nothing; this is what I feel when I work on this project for the past few weeks, while everything needs to be fast, but there is nothing final, everything still keeps changing.

You might think that remove a banner section is easy, but this is not a WordPress site, and this is not a static site, a custom CMS needs to work from backend to frontend, and I will need to think how should this thing easier for end-users to update. There are a lot of efforts if the specification is not final.

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    @knight Hope my teacher from hell read my post could change too.

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | May 15, 2019 18:41:02
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      @5plus6 lol, gonna pray for that happen.

      Knight avatar Knight | May 16, 2019 06:25:35
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