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Feb 04, 2019 15:50:24

CNY Eve.

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Gene Lim

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Chinese New Year Eve! Every year, a day before Chinese New Year, close families will gather together for a reunion dinner. In this dinner, the general topic that families  usually talked about is work, studies, life, future, and kids.

Today me and my family had dinner with my brothers and parent in a Thai restaurant. We did 'YeeSang' where we will toss the food as high as we could because from the myth, it was believed that the higher we go, the better chances of our wishes will come true, especially prosperity. Right now it is more of tradition where those who celebrates Chinese new year will usually do.

Tomorrow will be the first day that we will do visitation to our relatives house. This visitation acts as another reunion meet up with all the other family members. We have also scheduled our plans for tomorrow on where and who we will visit.

Chinese new year celebration usually lasted for 15 days from the first day but most will finish their visitation and gatherings on the first week, or ever first 3 days.

As of writing this, it is currently 10.45PM and outside my house sounds like there is a war and it is very bright. All this is because of the non-stop fireworks shooting up to the sky. Anyways, good night but I think I will be sleeping at 1AM after the fireworks ends. Just open the curtain and look at how big and beautiful the explosion of the firework is.

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    @wernminlim Happy New (Chinese) New Year!!! :-)

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Feb 04, 2019 19:04:19
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