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Apr 26, 2019 14:38:53

coding when sickly

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Swizec Teller

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Coding when you're a little sick is really weird. Everything works, you're doing fine, you don't feel sick

But the engine light is on and your brain is in limp home mode. You press the throttle and nothing happens.

Like, you look at a problem. You get it. You know you get it. You know the next step. You know what you have to do.

But you just ... don't. You stare at the screen knowing what code to write and it doesn't come out. You stare some more.

Then your brain in limp home mode thinks A-HA! I can solve this! I can open Twitter. Twitter always helps.

It doesn't.

You scroll for a while. You see nothing of interest. You read other people's thoughts and it sparks none of your own.

A few minutes pass. Your brain still thinks everything's under control. You got this.

Your tests finish running.

What was I doing again?Oh yeah!

You look back at VSCode. Your brain goes errr ... what? I know this makes sense. I understand this code. I know I understand this.

And ... you don't. Everything is just a little off. Just a little weird. Like reading Dutch when you know English and German.

Ever seen dutch before?

Ik spreek (nog) niet zo goed Nederlands

You read that and it's so familiar yet so foreign. You can piece it together. You can guess what it means. Your brain is confused why something so familiar feels so hard.

And that's programming when you're sickly

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