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Mar 25, 2019 13:25:29

cognitive dissonance as the way...

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When I looked, the Topic of the Week still is Cognitive Dissonance, so I will push it a little and add an explanation to where my awe of cognitive dissonance comes from. 

For decades now, thru reading, participating, translating, psychotherapy was a crucial part of my life.

Mostly psychodynamic, then also modern psychoanalysis. They represent very self-reflective perspective on life. The goal, especially of psychoanalysis, is "just"   to see oneself for what we truly are

No ambition of change, as once we REALLY see, nothing is the same.

Then (about 15 years ago) I stumbled onto meditation, seemed like a continuation of sorts, as it wasn't "transcendent", "loving-kindness", "mindful", "progressive relaxation", just good old hardcore zen.

Its perspective on life and the world is very specific. It is all about... seeing oneself for what we truly are

NO GOAL to all the effort. No promise of "improvement" or "progress".

We are who we are! The only thing we can do is to get to know ourselves.

And here I am. Trying to hold "the tension between the opposites". To meet my shadow: anger, laziness, pettiness, depression, fear, jealousy, my racism, agism, envy, hatred... Hoping that maybe it is possible to preserve just a shred of dignity...(I really don't think it is!)

Will there be a "happy ending"?

Will "the unexpected emerge and the irrational 'third' effectively resolve"... it all...

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