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May 31, 2019 17:01:51


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Hi hi... I woke up feeling... pain of existence...

Walking distance to work, that's heaven!

I had a "commute" like that once, for 5 years, it was marvelous... All seasons, all weathers properly observed day by day, the same route, the same time of day. It was amazing! Plus... longer mornings, usually no rushing - the walk was about 10 min...

It was in Sopot, a beautiful small town stuck between Gdańsk and Gdynia. And I was walking down the main pedestrian street, leading straight to the seaside, beach and the pier (the longest wooden pier in Europe! I was almost certain that it is the longest one in the world... I mean WHO builds wooden piers? But... Nope! There is a longer one - actually almost 4 times longer - in Busselton Jetty... Australia. Yes! More piers... here..s.) So after work I could (and did indeed) just walk another 5 min down the street and sit on the beach, looking at the sea, listening to the cries of seagulls (LOVE IT!)...

It was even more striking, as the commute to my previous job was, when unlucky, 1,5 hrs long, when lucky, 1 hr. Walk, crowded train, bus and another short walk (obviously)... Bleeeee.....

My next commute wasn't much fun either... I worked home, so very often in my pj's until 3/4pm. At least the view from my window was really nice, little cobbled street and horse chestnut trees... (Actually [Yeees!] the first ground floor window visible on the left in THE WINDOW!)

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    @lucjah walking commute in Sopot must have been wonderful! and... you found THE window, that's cool :) <3

    PhilH avatar PhilH | May 31, 2019 22:01:00
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      @philh I did, didn't I :-)))

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Jun 01, 2019 14:24:02
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