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May 08, 2019 05:54:03

Considering Business

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Ghi Arguello

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What kind of business should I start?

What makes a business unique?

What are the different ways to structure a business?

I'll have to set up an e-commerce shop.

Do I have a vision? Any goals?

I think I'll just get started - and try not to worry about the results.

I'll have to think of a name -- "What's your business called?" people will ask.

Where will I work? From home? At a co-working space?

Should I start out freelancing? What skills do I want to package -- or productize even?

How much do I need to get started? Will I need a CPA or handle the bookkeeping on my own? What kind of freelancers might I employ to get me started? What contracts will I put in place?

Will I follow the Profit First model? How about Health Insurance?  Do I need a lawyer?

Hmmm.. thinking about branding. I'll need a logo. Then, I'll have to set up all the social stuff.

What kind of people do I want to work with?

How will I get the word out about what I do?

Will I sell? Market with content or video? How will I get my first client?

A bit to consider - for sure.

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    @ghiarguello I got exhausted reading all these questions. It can be daunting when you are at the beginning thinking about starting a business. As Tony Robbins says, "Complexity is the enemy of execution." Creating and growing a successful business is all about adding value in the marketplace. Start simple with an area of interest or passion and ask, "What problems are people facing that have not been solved?" Can you provide a solution better than anyone else in that space? Get that first part right and you will be on the right path to start tackling some of the other questions.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 08, 2019 07:45:11
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    @ghiarguello - ouch! missed your streak so early. It's definitely easy to forget. I'll write something about when I write and how it makes a difference.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | May 07, 2019 23:10:43
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