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Apr 23, 2019 22:40:03

Constantly Curious

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Curious people are constantly curious about what comes next.

Curious people wonder about a lot of things, but one of the most wonderful things to wonder about is what. comes. next.

Being curious about what comes next ranges from imagining the technology available in the far-flung future (where's my damn flying car??) or just trying to anticipate the follow-up questions your customer may have after receiving your proposal yesterday.

Being curious about what comes next doesn't have to be about predicting the future (but it could be).

Having ideas about what comes next better prepares you for your next steps with clients, your career, and your work and personal goals.

Thinking about what comes next allows you to consider multiple scenarios with multiple outcomes. When you let your imagination play with possibilities, you are better prepared for whatever does come next. When you run mental scenarios (with both positive and negative outcomes) you are less likely to be surprised and more likely to be prepared for even the toughest curve ball.

For example, let's say you have a proposal out to a client and you're thinking about what comes next. 

The first obvious option is what if they say Yes and accept your proposal as-is. What comes next is that they will probably want to know when they can have their completed project, right? So you should have an idea about your current production schedule and an estimated completion date. If it's a project where you need input and materials from the client, then you should be prepared with a list of items and when you need them in-hand -- because a checklist like this would be what comes next.

The second obvious option would be that the customer would want to negotiate aspects of your proposal (the price is always too high, right?). Why act surprised when you hear someone with an objection to your price? It's amazing how many salespeople act like it's the first time they've ever heard that objection and are positively stumped by it -- they don't know what to say ...next.

But not you, my curious friend!
You were prepared with at least three different ways to counter that objection because you took some time to think about what comes next.

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    @dontheideaguy Great. What's next? ;) Curious people are also curious about "whether it is really true" and "what else".

    Hiro avatar Hiro | Apr 23, 2019 23:05:56
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      @hiro I'll agree with the "what else" but not so sure about the "whether it's really true" -- I've never let present reality get in the way of a really good idea!

      Don The Idea Guy avatar Don The Idea Guy | Apr 24, 2019 21:02:34
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