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Jan 20, 2019 01:43:43

Content promotion strategy: Being active in community

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Ahrefs has released another great post recently on how to promote your blog. Written by none other than Tim Soulo, the CMO. As usual dropping knowledge bombs everywhere.

It's a nice list, but there's a particular point he made that stands out for me.

That's being active in relevant communities.

It's such a great point I wish he started with this first in the article, so it doesn't get buried so far down the post!

Not a lot of people are willing to make genuine effort to contribute to a community. Ask good questions, write thoughtful answers for others, share what you learn etc. 

If you're doing that for your business you already have an advantage over your competitors.

Plus, this is something you can readily do even if you 

- don't have the budget to spend on paid advertising

- don't have a huge email list

- don't have 10,000 followers on facebook, twitter or other social media.

It mostly just takes time and effort. But if you put in genuine effort it can be very rewarding in the long term. Like the SEO approach for content marketing.

Which is ideal for small businesses, startups or when you're doing it solo because most likely you don't have (yet) the marketing assets I've just mentioned.

Once you become a credible member of the community, everything you do multiplies. 

More people are willing to engage with you and share your content (if they're good) when you're a familiar face.

So where do find your communities?

I recommend reading the post itself and scroll to point #6 for the answer :)

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