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Apr 28, 2019 20:52:21

cook cook cook

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Good Sunday I cooked for myself a delicious meal. Yes, I can make it nice hehe.

I don't mind to cook for myself but I need to keep it simple and fast. Otherwise, it is really hard to start for me. With cooking, it's still difficult it's one of the biggest parts of your budget. Usually, I buy lunch during the work week. I am not able to prepare some food from home. I think I could make it colorful and good but the time is the problem and also If you cook just for yourself the price it's probably comparabΕ―e to the typical restaurant lunch menu. I have never counted it. I know I should but haven't yet. 

If I would like to save some money In my situation would be probably the best to cook one food for more days or the food on the same basis and just adjust a little. I am not sure if I am ready to it yet but I could challenge myself hehe. 

I should compare 5 days eating in restaurant and 5 days with pre-prepared food. I would say it's gonna be pretty close. Will see. 

Let you know.


Stay with me. Efran.

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