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Apr 13, 2019 08:33:00

[Copywriting] Why you can’t get around it

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So you have an awesome product or service to offer (at least you think that). How do you get people to buy or subscribe?

You have to tell them about it. And how you tell them matters. Big time!

It will determine if your potential clients say “Hell yeah” or “Meh” when they read your ads, emails, and sales pages.

In fact, copywriting is your secret weapon.

You can’t change your product, your location, your distribution channel, or your target audience that easily. Those things are set, to a certain degree.

So if you’re in a pickle and are looking for something to boost your sales, what do you do?

You change the copy!

Those are just words on a page. It’s kind of crazy right when you think about it. By simply writing different words on a page, or in an email, you could sell more.

That’s why copywriting is often called the “most profitable skill.”

I think everybody can benefit from learning it. Even if you’re not in marketing or sales, you’re always selling something:

You’re selling yourself and your skills to potential employers via LinkedIn.

You’re selling your project idea to your boss (in the hope of qualifying for a raise).

You’re selling to your spouse that you want to go on a cruise in the Caribbean.

My aim is to write down the most important copywriting principles here, so you can start applying them in whichever area of your life needs them. 

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