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Apr 09, 2019 18:54:13

Couple of days in LA

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So this was my first time in LA / California and didnt really know what to expect other than the things you hear from friends, media, and movies. Some random thoughts as I get back to the cold.

Minus traffic LA is great so far


they are gorgeous. It was refreshing to see other type of buildings. The wanted-to-be architect in me started analyzing everything.

Entrances are the best.

Soon-to-be millionaires from tech IPOs will look into LA as one of the place to move too.

Things to watch for: real estate, affordable housing, homelessness, food halls, water problems, ect.,


Most people pick an area and do everything there.

Live there, have meetings there, eat there, and hangout there.


It's faster and easier to have things delivered to you than buying/making it by yourself.

Expensive but wide variety of options from cuisines to type of meat.


Love the diversity! Approachability is on a scale between NYC and Chicago.


I don't what was going on but my smartphone/network failed me multiple times.

Any of these could be a reason: ATT's recent 5G(e) roll out, 2 year old phone, ride sharing apps sucking up battery, and taking too many pictures.


It's everywhere! Graffiti, murals, and free museums for all types of artists.


I now get why crop tops are a thing.

I have never seen that much emphasis on (luxury) branded items before.


You shouldn't be surprised if you spot 10 different luxury cars with in 5 minutes.

I don't understand why there aren't more/better car pooling options.


A child is going to grow up thinking it's a normal thing (smell).

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    @itsabhinaya Sounds interesting. I will be in LA this weekend for a training event. I shall brace myself for the traffic and weed smell. :)

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Apr 09, 2019 13:59:25
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