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May 25, 2019 22:01:02

Create An RSS Feed of Your 200WAD Posts Using Zapier

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I’m going to show you how you can harness the power of the 200 Words a Day API to add your posts to an RSS feed automatically. Then you can use a link to that feed in your profile (as your website) and/or include it in your posts so people can add your feed to their favorite reader (Feedly, Inoreader, etc).

Let’s get started!

The method I’m going to explain will require that you have a Zapier account. There’s a free plan and for the purpose of this workflow that’s all you’ll need. You can sign up here: https://zapier.com/sign-up.

Once you’ve got that account created you’ll need to get your API key from 200 Words a Day. You can get that here. Copy that.

To save you some setup time, I’ve actually created a Zap and am able to share it so you can hit the ground running. Here’s the link to that template. 

Click on Use This Zap and then on the Edit Options page for the trigger step you’ll see a URL that has this in it:


Paste your API key at the end of that URL. Then scroll down and click Continue. Then click Pull in Samples. If all has gone well you’ll see at least one sample (assuming you have a published post on 200 Words a Day).

Next, click Continue. Then go to the Set Up Template page for the action step.

The first thing you have to do is create the last part of your feed URL. The first part is pre-set, but you could add something like “nicksimard200wad”. It doesn’t REALLY matter but it’s nice if it at least gives some hint as to what a person can expect to see there. After you fill it in, click on the Copy to clipboard button.

You can change the Feed Title if you’d like. I included a generic one there.

Item Title, Source URL and Content are all mapped from the trigger step and should be correct. No need to touch those.

You can change the Author Name to your actual name rather than the username that comes from 200 Words a Day. The author link should be correct, as it has your username mapped. You can always type that in if you want. Just make sure it links to your profile page on 200WAD.

The Pubdate should be fine, as it uses the publication date that comes from 200 Words a Day.

Now click on Continue then scroll down and click on Send Test to RSS by Zapier. You should see a success page :)

Now open a new tab and paste the feed URL you copied. You should see your new RSS item there. Check it out in your feed reader of choice to see how it looks.

Now you can go here and use that RSS feed as your Website URL if you’d like. Or, add it to the bottom of your posts like I did below.

Hope you found this helpful! Happy RSSing.


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    @nicksimard Nice! Now I just need that following endpoint! :)

    Daniel Miller avatar Daniel Miller | May 26, 2019 11:44:31
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      @danielmiller agreed. I’d love a way to do stuff with the posts of people I’m following. I could send myself emails, create an RSS feed, etc.

      Nick Simard avatar Nick Simard | May 26, 2019 12:17:31
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    @nicksimard erghmmmm... :-))) ok!
    ( @philh , how about that?)

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | May 26, 2019 08:25:41
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