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Feb 18, 2019 15:28:19

Create your dream board

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Brandon Wilson

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I had purchased the materials awhile back. A stiff white poster board. Stick-on letters. Colored Sharpies. Whatever passes for Elmer's glue nowadays. 

This weekend I decided to start creating my dream board. A dream board is a place where you can visually represent your dreams. When you are dreaming, the sky is the limit. There is nothing too outlandish for a dream board. Here are some things you might put on your dream board:

  • Your dream home or place to live
  • Your dream car
  • Places you hope to visit
  • People you hope to meet
  • Careers you aspire to
  • Activities you enjoy or would like to learn
  • Favorite quotes

Pinterest is a great place to get ideas for your dream board. Once I started thinking about the future and my dreams, it was easy to find the themes and the pictures that best represent them.

Your dream board should be inspiring to you. It should be daunting. It should remind you of your ultimate goals. It should be posted in a place where you will see it every day. 

When you are in the grind, day after day, it can be easy to lose sight of what you are working toward. A dream board helps remind you of the vision you have for yourself. 

If you don't want to create a physical board, create a virtual dream board on your phone or computer. Set it as the background or wallpaper. 

Many people don't have dream boards because they don't even have dreams. If that's you, it's time to step it up. Take some time to really think about your life, your goals, and the person you want to become. Set some crazy dreams for yourself. Create a dream board to remind you of where you are going.

Then roll up your sleeves and get busy. 

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    @brandonwilson - Alright now. Task for this weekend.

    I have heard of mentally visualizing this. But I like the idea of a physical one that I can build on regularly.

    Thank you for this piece.

    Keni avatar Keni | Feb 19, 2019 10:47:24
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      @keni Fantastic! I finally used Pinterest for the first time, and it was very helpful with finding just the right pictures.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Feb 19, 2019 09:32:39
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    @brandonwilson will do! :)

    Yaki avatar Yaki | Feb 19, 2019 01:38:02
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