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Dec 27, 2018 02:33:12

Creating daily

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Being a creative person, you constantly need to train your creative “muscles”. I lost the count of days I wasn't writing daily. This habit wasn't built yet and I skipped a day... Then the second, third, fourth, and now I don't remember when I did it for the latest time. Even though it's difficult to start from the beginning, especially when others already have 35-day streak, I will continue to write daily. (By the way, making it less challenging for people to start or to get back on track is an interesting UX problem to solve!)

Why do I want to continue? Writing 200 words in the morning not only allows me to become better at writing every day, it also makes my brain start working. It sets the rhythm for the day. It's like a mental warm up. I feel that my brain starts working much better after the writing is completed, and I missed this feeling during this pause in writing. I also continued doing yoga in the morning so now I warm up my body and mind completely by just spending and hour. 

These are good habits and I like the way I feel if I follow them. I warm up, become a better writer and build my body by just spending an hour a day. What could be better?

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