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Apr 08, 2019 16:48:21

CSP Journal 8th April 2019

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Craig Petterson

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I wrote my list of what I wanted to achieve early this morning, ready for when I could put my head down to do some work. Then, I left for a meeting about a Digital Mentoring prospect.

I write my lists using Makerlog. My list included:

- Fix nginx error on TCD (a colleague pointed this out to me early this morning)

- Finish editing article for Maker Mag

- Build quotes functionality for The Cake Pays


Fix nginx error

My priority was fixing a website that was hitting an Nginx error.

I hate DevOps.

I don't get it. Can someone just sort it for me so it works please? Thanks.

After trying a few things, I remembered I was missing a 301 redirect and finally got it sorted. I wonder how long the site was "down-but not really" before I even noticed.

During my attempts to fix the issue, I did a bit of spring cleaning including Gem updates. This updating included bumping the version of Ruby and Rails on all my projects to the latest (stable) versions - Ruby 2.6.2 and Rails 5.2.3

However, after all the problems with nginx, I realised I wasn't going to complete The Cake Pays task. I removed it from my list for today - happy that I had at least done something worthwhile.


The Maker Mag article

I'm likely not going to post this on Maker Mag, but rather my personal blog site: https://craigpetterson.co.uk - but I call it a Maker Mag article because it was based on an initial article by @anthilemoon on Maker Mag - https://makermag.com/2019/03/04/side-projects/

I had some great feedback from @anthilemoon which I've taken into account when editing this article and I'm happy it is at a stage to "release", which I'll do when I return from Majorca next weekend.


Going forward

I'm away in Majorca for 4 days this week.

I plan to laze by the pool, drink many pina coladas and read. I've added Alter Nomad by Baz of 200WAD to the list of reading, since I thought it was apt...

I'm not sure what format I'm going to do these posts in, but I just wanted to write something down to get me started.

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