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Mar 06, 2019 22:06:58

Cutting a chord

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Today my baby was born successfully. Both my wife and baby are doing well. I was thinking of how to depict this moment with my limited vocabulary. Still, I could not describe this moment as I wish yet. I can only end up with a superficial description... maybe I save it for later. Instead, I am writing my side story behind the miracle moment ...

I was sitting next to my wife lying in a bed. 2 to 4 nurses always moved around and helped the baby coming out all the way. All I can do was not to bother them. 

Actually, I was not good at blood. 

  • When I was 5 years old, I fainted by looking at my sister's inner ear through the microscope. 
  • When I was a college student, I was about being fainted by listening to the story about Lasik surgery and imagining the situation. 
  • In general, just looking at or hearing about organs or blood, especially with the situation where someone might feel acute soreness, I felt it as if I were the person and my nerve was getting numbed. 

This is the biggest weakness that I was not able to overcome in my life. When the labor was approaching, I needed to be very careful to avoid the situation my fainted body stayed with my wife at the life-changing moment for my family. Even worse, I do not want to bother the nurses and make my wife feel I cannot be with her especially when she needs me. 

I told the above weakness to the nurses in advance. I can only help her at the last moment when she needed to push the baby stronger and was told "go mad!!" by one of the nurses. I did not see the part but only looked at her face. 

The last challenge my wife asked me was cutting a chord. One nurse told me even those who were eager to cut a chord actually fainted because of the appearance of a chord. I need to have extra attention. One of my friends also told that it was harder than expected. I mentally prepared to put all of my focus on the edge of scissors and made sure there was no space between scissors. It cut smoothly. Smoother than expected. Thanks, my friend.

Finally, I was able to help her and not bother the nurses. The nurse said "you should be proud of it! Great job!"   


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