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May 09, 2019 21:48:48


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We played a D&D campaign with people from work a while back. I made notes with the intention of writing a story of what happened on our adventure.

My plan is to use the 200 words to share the story I came up with. From memory, I actually sat down and wrote out Episode 1, but I do remember making less and less notes as the campaign progressed.

You're getting a semi-live reaction of what is going down, because I'm opening my Google Doc now to see where I was up too...

Ahh yes, I typed up less of my notes than I remember, but I still have the original hand written notes somewhere. (Yes, yes, where did I put them...).

My notes were laid out in a Neil Gaimen's Norse Mythology style, where the "players" were introduced and our opening background was shared on a wiki page from work. Classic.

Our party was:

Lux'Tanaar, Tiefling Paladin (That's me)

Thurunt, Half Orc Barbarian

Marynka, Half Elf Bard

Thalamar Highmoon, Half Elf Rogue

Ralzire, Human Cleric

Chet Boarseye, Earth Genasi Warlock

Erfara Elmsong, Elf Ranger

Disdyakis Triacontahedron, Dragonborn Sorcerer

I'll attempt to piece together my notes to make a coherent story.

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