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Feb 09, 2019 17:21:20

Daily writings

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Gene Lim

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I noticed that my everyday's 200 words a day for the past few days seems to be my daily summary. Like what I have done so far for the whole day in recap. 200wordsaday seems to become a platform that stores my dairy in public right now.

Anyways, it is also a good move to do that. Hopefully in future I can look back and read all my posts one by one and reimagine what I have achieved and done in life for those moments.

Doing it this way, it will also mean that I will not run out of any topic to write about daily because every day is new day, and a new days also means a new story to write about.

This has an indirect disadvantage too, which is repetitive topics. So far I believe that I have not really repeat any writing topics yet it has been an interesting year so far. Hopefully to continue it this way as life is full of surprises and we only live once.

I also believe that by continuing it this way could still improve in my writing in English, especially that right now I am trying to fix my grammar. 

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