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Mar 28, 2019 21:41:08

Data rich and information poor

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"Information age" and "big data" is what we are now. Three years ago, the idea of catching up the opportunity to join in "data science club" to be a cool data scientist drove me crazy. I have no background education but there are thousands of online free resources to learn data science and programming to quick start. After three years, I am kind of lost. 

Data is everywhere even without professional knowledge you could tell the data you successfully handle to achieve daily routine every day. The true science is to tell the information behind data whether big data or small data. Now I am trapped in rich data and poor information. In other words, I failed to teach myself the insight to see the big pattern behind the raw material. It's hard to learn.

Today I have read plenty of reports to gain more professional background knowledge of my recent work which is in the bottleneck for half a year without any positive process. What I read couldn't give me the exact answer to my problems though, I am inspired a lot. It's because I used to filter information with keywords, the results are matched data other than useful information since I am not quite sure about what I really need. I have been suffering from poor information from rich data unrelated to the things I really need for a long time. It's time to change.

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