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Feb 05, 2019 16:25:16

Day 1 - CNY

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Gene Lim

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Finally the first day of Chinese New Year. Started the day very well thanks to an early sleep I had last night. I was supposed to wait till the count down and fireworks, but I was so sleepy and slept so peacefully that even the fireworks did not wake me up at all.

First thing that I did today was to visit my dad's new condominium. It was just fully built last month, by the developer of ASPEN, the same company of IKEA. So the whole house is actually furnished with IKEA's product and they are actually surprisingly really good.

After that, we went to visit our grandmother at the nursing home. She was not able to walk right now, so all of us will always do visitation to her from time to time. I was actually feeling sad just now that my grandmother actually forgotten who am I. Good thing with a little recap of who I am, she was able to remember me.

We then went to another 2 more relatives house to mingle with our cousins, aunties and uncles. Not forgetting, unmarried individual will get 'Angpau' red packet from the married couple which is the most exciting traditions that everyone is waiting for because in it, it has money.

By dinner time, we had dinner with my mom as she made steamboat and barbeque for dinner. Not forgetting some karaoke session too.

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