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Jun 28, 2019 08:34:21

Day 6

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Daniel Miller

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This morning was my 6th day in a row riding my bicycle at 7 am.

Yesterday neither of my normal riding friends showed up for the ride, but right at 7, as I waited at the normal spot, someone else I knew rode by. I ended up riding with him for the second half of his ride, back to his house. He showed me some of his older bikes. (I'm a vintage bike nerd.) By the time I got back home, I'd logged a few more miles than normal.

On the ride home there was a coyote on the trail. I expected him to scamper off as I approached but he did not. He just watched me ride by. City coyotes are used to us.

This morning a small snapping turtle was trying to make its way across the trail.

A couple of weeks ago a relatively big rat snake slithered right under me, I barely missed riding over him. I yelled to my friend, "That was a snake!" and two women walking up ahead practically jumped and then accelerated down the trail. I guess they don't like snakes.

Seeing wildlife in the city is novel. Despite Dallas having the largest urban forest in the world, it is still a dense urban environment. The coyotes, bobcats, turtles, snakes and even the wasps and mosquitoes we hate remind us that we're settlers, not natives.

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