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Mar 31, 2019 17:58:49

Daylight Saving Time

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Grief can be anticipatory, which means that it can occur before death (or another great loss) takes place.

As I wrote in my previous post, all kind of grief may manifest in many different ways. 

Body reactions is one of them. Feeling of tiredness, weakness, as if all your strength has drained away and left you unable to do things you used to find easy. Tightness in the chest, change in the heartbeat, difficulty breathing. Lost of appetite or eating too much to soothe anxiety. Insomnia or need to sleep away time. Unexpected crying. Retreating from social life (which may have wide repercussions).

In our modern society we often, perhaps usually, expect that this kind of life events will have very little or no influence on our lives. That after a few days of sadness and low energy, we will effortlessly go back to our routines, obligations, social life. 

This attitude doesn't relate only to grief, it is the same with illness, life changes... As if... mindless functioning was THE way to live. As if letting ourselves slow down, stop even to go thru pain, thru vulnerable moments, thru crucial life changes was a sign of weakness. As if adjusting to new circumstances, new life stages, new places, new people, new roles was supposed to happen overnight, in our sleep

just like the change to Daylight Saving Time!

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