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Jul 05, 2019 15:49:56

Deadpan Red Dress

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She wore red dresses not because they looked good on her, but because it meant something to her. I think she listened to too much Lana Del Rey.

After she left me, I think I cruised around listening to that album that came out around 2012 a million times. 

I'd just lost my job so I could get away with it. Unemployment gave me money to be looking for jobs. But I didn't want a new job right away, cause then they'd pull the checks.

Instead I kept driving around and drinking coffee at different cafes. This entire time of unemployment, I never made coffee for myself once. I drank over 100 cups of coffee, each one of them made by a different pair of hands.

In college, I remember not wanting a new pair of hands making my coffee. I remembered being content with the same pair of hands making my coffee, over and over again. I didn't have this craving for a new cafe. I would've been happy doing my work in that cafe until the day I died.

But that was back when I had no work to do, and so I guess I didn't mind doing my no-work inside the same cafe on a daily basis. Now, I was back to having no-work to do. Yet, it didn't feel the same.

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