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Aug 19, 2019 22:39:29

Death education

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My parents' profession is traditional Chinese medicine, whose office is our home. Before I went to college, their talking is the background music of my school work.

People visit my parents whenever they feel uncomfortable. There are midnight emergencies, early morning callings, hot summer accidents, and before death treatments. 

Human is equal to his own body. Maybe I haven't get proper love education from my parents, but I do receive qualified death education from my parents' patients.  

Most of them are middle-aged, have kids in school, operate a stable business, and open to share their stories.

People who would visit doctors of traditional Chinese medicine are not for the current bloody physical hurts, but the longterm, general, unseen comfortlessness as the result of a negative diagnosis. So they have to share a long long story instead of simple consequences to explain why they come.

Tomorrow is unpredictable for such kind of situation, at the end of the talking, they could only make a common strategy: eating healthily, staying happy, keeping exercise, and don't be frightened.

If there are no references to the serious illness, you may think there are just some old friends chatting about marriage, money, food, and family.

Busy living or busy dying, where is the line?

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