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Sep 03, 2019 23:35:48

Decently Priced Horrible Coffee

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She stepped off the train and checked the time on her phone. She would make it. They had planned to meet at the cafe at six pm Wall Street Time. She was in fact a bit early. So she reunited herself with her laptop.

While sipping decently priced but horrible quality coffee she scanned some articles that were designed to fill her with anger. She scanned maybe five headlines before sighing and taking another sip. The waitress came over and before she could tell her that more coffee was unnecessary her mug was full.

She took another sip and scanned a couple more headlines. The same stuff didn't infuriate her like they used to. They felt normal now. Like a part of life. She didn't know whether to feel bad or good. But that was okay. Because she had two weeks of vacation coming up. That would make everything better. At least better until her next vacation.

He arrived holding magazine with the coarse paper cover. He already had a thick blue shadow covering his face and tired, yet happy, eyes. 



He got coffee as well. The way he glanced at it even before first sip said it all. His mouth had even opened for just a moment as though it was about to mention something before it instead drank the coffee without speaking. He took two sips of coffee before saying the words she knew he was waiting to say.

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