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Apr 14, 2019 21:07:46

Design is difficult

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Craig Petterson

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I have access to some great people when it comes to design. I've recently been trying to pay more attention to design (watching videos, tutorials, etc) but it's coming at a cost to pure functionality and development.

Refactoring UI is an insanely good "design for developers" book that I've taken a lot of clues from. More recently, I enjoyed a podcast with @laurium and @mijustin which gave some great advice. I've started putting it into practice. I'm going to be focusing on "debugging my design" and progressing with incremental steps. After all, this is how I'm trying to progress with functionality too: small incremental steps, slowing chipping away at progress. That's all we can do right?

That caused me to work on initial version of my splash page copy, empty state versions of my products page and then an initial design debug session. White space features prominently in good design.

Check out The Cake Pays for my splash page so far. I think it's a great improvement but it needs a huge amount of work. Here are some items I want to look at next time;

1) Icons for "Why choose us?" cards.

2) Headers, perhaps with a nice (maybe smaller) underline.

3) More obvious Call To Actions (plus, the last CTA is completely missing right now).

4) Text width. It's too wide, making it too difficult to read.

5) Nicer "break points", perhaps diagonal lines or curves. I really liked a full radius bottom border I've seen on another site.

Maybe I'll do these next time...

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